North Weald Airfield Market

The UK's largest outdoor market

Hughmark International organisers of North Weald Saturday and Bank Holiday Markets wish to express solidarity with North Weald Airfield Users Group in their efforts to convince the powers that be that the Airfield needs to be preserved.  The Market regularly attracts crowds estimated to be in excess of 30,000 on a weekly basis and is reputed to be the largest of its type in Britain.  The Airfield provides literally 1000's of car park spaces and despite the vast crowds has never filled all the spaces available.  Hughmark provide over 200 tarmac disabled car park spaces with adjacent access to disabled ramps and toilets.  The Airfield is ideal for disabled users because of its flatness, no kerbs or cobbles which is why the market is so well patronised by disabled persons and groups.  Each year more car park grass areas are fitted with `Perfo' which provides hard standing but allows grass to grow through it.


The market is monitored by CCTV and many uniformed security staff and generally it is a market free from nuisances such as pick pockets and bag thefts.  Hughmark staff work closely with Trading Standards to police the market in a bid to control counterfeit goods being sold on the market.  Hughmark also adopts a policy of banning any item that promotes or glorifies the misuse of drugs. It also has recently banned the sale of BB guns which added to its existing ban on Samurai swords.  All of the aforementioned items are legal to sell and can be found in most High Streets both in shops and on markets but Hughmark wish to promote a family type atmosphere and believe that items banned do not assist in this process.


Hughmark were the first Private Market Operating Company to attain ISO 9002 which is a standard issued by British Standards Institute.  Hughmark are members of Association of Private Market Operators, Action for Market Towns, Southern Tourist Board, Essex Tourism Association, East of England Tourist Board and South East England Tourist Board.


Hughmark subsidise bus routes to North Weald Market from Harlow, Brentwood, Ongar, Epping and Loughton. Hughmark organise a weekly Charity Raffle at the Market which to date has benefited local good causes to the tune of 162,284.00 to December 2004.  The market is a source of employment for many local residents with even more added to the total being market traders in their own right.   Hughmark whenever possible employs local staff to assist in Car Parking, Stewarding, Cleaning, Security, Toilet attendants as well as Medical staff.


Hughmark are hoping to introduce a new feature to the Airfield during 2005 by utilising Hangar 1 as an indoor extension to the regular Markets.  In addition to this Hughmark are planning to launch an indoor Bric-a- Brac Market on Sundays also in Hangar 1.    Both events are subject to planning approval being obtained from Epping Forest District Council.


North Weald Airfield Market is of regional importance and is brown signed from the M11, Ongar and Epping.


 The market has also held the North Weald Charity Raffle for the past 3 years - the proceeds of which go to benefit many local charities (click here for a list of charities which have benefited).

The website of the market organisers is:       

Hughmark International
47 Little Heath Road
Reading RG31 5TY

T: 0118-945-1799  F: 0118-945-2390